UB Media strengthens its digital offering with the addition of significant major pub chains and hospitality groups in its national Resto-Bar network. The media company announced the launch of their latest digital resto-bar product two years ago and has since taken the Resto-Bar media market by storm with notable additions such as; The Firkin Group of Pubs, Pegasus Group, Fox and Fiddle Franchise, Gabby’s and INK Entertainment properties which includes the largest nightclub in Canada.

“Due to the increasing demand of our digital product, owners of major hospitality groups and chains have been compelled to replace the incumbent supplier with the latest quality product that aligns with their brand image. The industry has spoken, the favorable reception of our digital product has allowed UB to outpace other suppliers’ digital integration within this market,” stated Michael Minicucci, President of UB Media. UB Media’s development of top tier Resto-Bar media properties is part of their aggressive digital board expansion plan for 2019. UB Media’s newest digital boards have been favorably embraced by the industry due to their significantly larger HD displays – offering the best in both design and technological capabilities in Resto-Bar digital.

UB Media recently announced the certification of its digital Resto-Bar and Cinema Network with the COMMB (Canadian Out of Home Marketing & Measurement Bureau). By applying its impression-based methodology to digital Resto-Bar advertising, UB Media provides its partners and clients with transparent and third-party impression-based auditing of campaigns.