We pride ourselves on being an independent indoor advertising company comprised of creative professionals passionate about media and its ever-changing landscape. Founded in 2008, UB Media has grown to become one of Canada’s most powerful Out of Home (OOH) advertising networks. We understand that today’s consumer is active, dynamic, and always on-the-go. The majority of people are spending most of their time outside of their homes, which means less time in front of traditional forms of mass media. Our unique footprint comprised of three distinctive national networks: Restobar, Cinema and Campus reaches millions of consumers weekly as they’re out and about living active lives. Inescapable and brand safe, indoor advertising is a favorable form of media among consumers, and considered one of the most trustworthy forms of mass media.

We connect our clients’ brands with their ideal consumers through captivating, innovative, and highly targeted place-based media adapted to today’s generational lifestyle habits. Through our static and digital products, we’re able to deliver highly targeted audiences defined by lifestyle, consumer behavior, demographics, geo-targeted to specific neighborhoods, age groups, and gender specific. We also provide our clients with transparent third-party impression-based auditing of our campaigns through the COMMB (the Canadian Out of Home Marketing and Measurement Bureau). With certification for our Cinema onscreen and Restobar digital, we are the first and only COMMB accredited member for cinema onscreen media. Also, our President and CEO, Michael Minicucci, sits on the COMMB’s Board of Directors with other industry leaders.

Major Growth

We’re always expanding our networks, we’ve had a 250% increase in Restobar venues since 2018 alone


Cinema Expansion

We’ve had robust cinema growth with a 98% increase in Cinema screens since 2019

Exclusive Markets

We reach 80 exclusive cinema markets across the country in 9 provinces

Leading Technology

Our Restobar digital boards are unparalleled, we offer the latest technology with the sleekest and largest HD displays


We can micro-target your ideal demographic by geo-targeting neighborhoods, age groups, Gender, lifestyle and much more

Brand Safe

All our networks are brand safe and risk free of competing with conflicting content

Strengthening Communities

Giving back to our communities is important. At UB Media we strongly believe in using media platforms to strengthen communities by increasing social awareness and bringing people together. We inform the public about important social issues through our networks by donating media exposure to non-profit causes further helping them do good will in their communities.

We’ve donated media to a number of charitable organizations including; Bell Let’s Talk, The Canadian Red Cross, MADD, The David Suzuki Foundation, The Jane Goodall Foundation, Dans La Rue, Prostate Cancer Canada, Swab the World, World Wide Wildlife Federation, Amnesty International, Women’s Assault Helpline, Movember, Sick Kids, Black Lives Matter, United Way and many more.