Big screen, big impact

Our national cinema network includes notable chains like: Landmark Cinemas, Imagine Cinemas and Cinémas Guzzo. Reaching markets no other network can, our state-of-the-art digital movie theatres are equipped with premium large format brands: IMAX®, Extra, Xtreme, and RealD 3D technology, as well as highly coveted premium recliner seating. Our theatres offer all the anticipated blockbuster hits as well as independent content and Francophone films in Québec. Cinema advertising has the lowest ad avoidance across all media platforms with over 87% of moviegoers in their seats during Showtime.*

Source: Canadian Out of Home Marketing and Measurement Bureau
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All the perks

Our cinemas offer state-of-the-art experiences as well as superior recliner seating in select theaters

31% Market share

We represent 31% of the cinema screen landscape with over 750 screens across 120 theaters nationwide

22M Moviegoers

Our national cinema network reaches 22 million moviegoers annually from coast to coast

Trusted metrics

UB is the first and only COMMB member for cinema onscreen, ensuring trusted third-party metrics

Unique multiple touchpoints

Moviegoers often tend to visit a restaurant before or after going to the movies. We are the only Restobar network uniquely positioned with Cinemas to reach target demographics across multiple touchpoints in popular and highly frequented Restobar venues.

Source: Motion Picture Association of America Theatrical Statistics, 2016
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