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Engaging the coveted ages 18-24 demographic in Canada’s top post-secondary institutions. Our national Campus network reaches over 1.2 million post-secondary students in over 60 leading campuses across the country. We are in Canada’s top universities, communicating with over 80% of all students in the country’s largest university campuses, based on highest enrolment. Our products are located in the most frequented and highly populated areas, such as student lounges, entrances and exits, classroom corridors, cafeterias, student unions, libraries, washroom corridors, athletic centres and more.

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1.2 Million students

We reach 80% of all students in the country’s largest university campuses (based on highest enrollment)

Complete flexibility

With the largest campus digital network ads can be full-motion or static, day-parted and geo-targeted

High visibility

Our products are in highly visible and high traffic locations such as entrances, student lounges, cafeterias and more


No need to worry about fraud or ad-blocking software, all our media facings are brand safe

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