It’s no secret that the medium best known for cutting through the clutter and kicking ad blockers to the curb took an almighty hit during COVID. Some would argue it had nowhere to go but up, but most are cheering as the bullish mid-year ad spending forecasts from “the big four” (GroupM, IPG’s Magna, Dentsu, Zenith) as well as Forbes and WARC start to play out in real time.

Projections like “…double digit OOH growth in 2021”, “…cinema ads will grow 135%”, “…restaurants will spend 8% more on advertising as indoor dining returns…”, and “OOH ad spend will rise by more than 20%…” are a resounding acknowledgement of the fundamental role OOH plays in the overall media mix as the industry looks forward to a robust recovery.

OOH does so well what it has always done, and what many cannot claim. It doesn’t vie for attention. It demands it. ‘Tethered’ to its trusty side kick, the mobile device, DOOH has grown into an omni-channel imperative, ready, willing and able to empower brands to engage consumers throughout the purchase journey and deliver some of the highest ROIs in advertising.

It’s instrumental in enabling campaigns to be planned against desired outcomes, not individual siloes. There’s a reason research shows that the once unheralded medium delivers nearly four times the online activity per ad dollar spent than TV, radio or print. And what’s more, thanks to technological advancements, it is a digital powerhouse offering exceptional visual impact and endless targeting and messaging capabilities.

So what’s next for OOH? Well, anyone who’s anyone has an opinion and some of the trends reported for 2021 are noteworthy, if not a welcome refresher coming out of a global pandemic. Contact us today to get your copy of the OOH Trends Roundup for 2021.