UB Media supports the The Bartenders Benevolent Fund, you may have seen their visuals in our screens. We encourage you to donate and help support the hospitality industry as it struggles during this pandemic. When you contribute, your donation enters into a central fund. Once a week funds are awarded based on need to hospitality industry professionals facing financial crises and loss through the current COVID-19 pandemic. They award this assistance based on priority, to as many people as possible, on a weekly basis.

The Bartenders Benevolent Fund is a nationally registered non-profit financial resource for hospitality professionals in Canada who have fallen under serious financial hardship and their mission is to work in earnest to ensure that those in need can make ends meet.

The Bartenders Benevolent Fund’s mandate is to offer support to the hospitality industry, by the hospitality industry: funds are awarded anonymously by local hospitality professionals from each market.

To learn more visit: www.bartendersbenevolentfund.ca

Photo credit: Jeff Tumale