Tenet triumphs around the world, one week prior to the U.S. release date

Tenet Takes Off With $53M at International & Canadian Box Offices

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet has surged to a $53M opening at the worldwide box office which includes 40 overseas markets and Canada. The numbers are a triumph on the highly-anticipated Warner Bros title which bows in the U.S., China and other markets this coming week and will see further international box office rollout through September.

[…] What’s more, per-screen averages are reaching pre-COVID blockbuster levels in many markets, including Denmark ($73K), Norway ($64K), Saudi Arabia ($55K), Finland ($42K) and Sweden ($38K — despite a maximum of 50 people per show in the market).

IMAX further reports that Tenet has shown positive signs of a lengthy theatrical run with strong pre-sales spread out well beyond opening weekend. The time-bending film is expected to see stronger than normal midweek grosses and shallower week-to-week drops, as audience moviegoing habits adapt to the current situation.

The overall IMAX weekend box office was $9M across all titles, the biggest since January, and the 2nd highest grossing global weekend for IMAX in 2020.

– Forbes, by Scott Mendelson

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“People have been very anxious to get back to the movies,” said Imax Entertainment president Megan Colligan. “These results speak to that.” Colligan pointed out that, in terms of Imax tickets, Tenet enjoyed stronger sales during the pandemic than “Dunkirk” and “Interstellar” — two recent Nolan films — did during normal times over the same period.

“It’s kind of mind blowing,” Colligan said. She attributes that metric to the increased amount of free time people have now, combined with pent-up demand to return to the movies. “There’s a massive reduction in the amount of things we’re doing, so you have much more flexibility about when you can go to a movie.”

Variety, by Rebecca Rubin

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