The Canadian ad industry looks forward to rebound and consumer spending reminiscent of the ‘Roaring 20s’ :

“Brands are preparing for Roaring 20s consumerism…and marketers are preparing to unleash media spending in anticipation of an explosive sales uptick as the weather warms and consumers rush to resume their everyday lives…”

– Ad Age, March, 2021

“… just like following the 1918 flu pandemic, the Canadian economy is heading for something like the Roaring Twenties…as people break out of cabin-fever mode… Canadians are more willing to go out and spend than at any time since 2018.

– CBC Business, March, 2021

“…Once pandemics end, often there is a period in which people seek out extensive social interaction…a second “Roaring 20s” just as after the 1918 flu pandemic. The (long term) vision is one filled with experiences pined for in isolation: packed stadiums, crowded nightclubs and flourishing arts.

–  Dr. Nicholas Christakis, Yale Professor & Epidemiologist