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UB Media has rapidly emerged as a major force in the Canadian mediascape, offering one of Canada's most powerful indoor advertising networks. UB reaches millions of consumers monthly in a captive context through our Resto-Bar, Campus and Cinema networks in major markets.

Through static and digital indoor advertising, online and mobile media, as well as event marketing, we reach millions of young, active consumers weekly through our diverse networks, enabling you to scan the market to identify and target your ideal audience.

UB Media and FOKUS Announce Campus Merger

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UB Media Acquires KB Media

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UB offers several unique ways of reaching out to your target audience. Static media - Classic Boards, Mega Boards, as well as UB's digital offerings; Digital Boards, Digital Cinema Network, and Touchtunes Interactive.

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With over 2,900 locations across Canada and more being added every week our Cinema, Resto-Bar & Campus Networks deliver the targeted audiance you need.

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