As we continue to monitor the impact of the global pandemic on the OOH industry and the day-to-day lives of Canadians, UB Media remains committed to providing regular updates from government regulatory bodies regarding lifting restrictions, vaccination rates, as well as any relevant place-based media trends.

Restaurant Traffic Trends

UB Media commissions independent third-party mobile data reporting to analyze restobar traffic trends in major markets across Canada.  Check back regularly for updates as markets begin to reopen nationwide.

National Restaurant Traffic Trends: August, 2020


Central Canada Restaurant Traffic Trends: September, 2020


Provincial Updates Dashboard

Click below to download our guide to major national updates regarding vaccination rates and the lifting of COVID restrictions by market. Check back regularly for continued updates as more data becomes available from regulating government bodies.

Provincial Updates: July 12, 2021


Back to school

In anticipation of the upcoming Fall 2021 post-secondary school semester, be sure to regularly check our Provincial Dashboard for government updates on a province-by-province basis. To learn how you can reach the unique 18-24 campus demographic reach out to our dedicated sales team for more details.

Together again, cheers!

As Canadians eagerly anticipate a return to their favourite pastimes, restaurant patios have reopened in major markets, with indoor dining to follow. Download our Provincial Dashboard above for regular updates on reopening dates in major markets nationwide. Thank you for supporting your favourite local eateries during this unprecedented time.

Return to the big screen

If box office numbers south of the border are any indication, Canadians can look forward to a bounty of blockbusters to watch on the big screen in 2021, as eagerly anticipated 2020 blockbusters are hitting theatres alongside 2021’s most anticipated films. Download our Provincial Dashboard above for the latest on expected theatre reopening dates nationwide.

Covid Fatigue Boosts OOH Media

A renewed appreciation for getting out is having a positive impact on Out-of-Home media during the pandemic. OOH is providing brands with a strong opportunity to intercept consumers 'on-the-go'. Click to download our document to learn more about how Covid fatigue is affecting place-based media engagement opportunities in the OOH space.


We reach students

Engaging the coveted ages 18-24 demographic in Canada’s top post-secondary institutions. Our national Campus network reaches over 1.2 million post-secondary students in over 60 leading campuses across the country. We are in Canada’s top universities, communicating with over 80% of all students in the country’s largest university campuses, based on highest enrolment. Our products are located in the most frequented and highly populated areas, such as student lounges, entrances and exits, classroom corridors, cafeterias, student unions, libraries, washroom corridors, athletic centres and more.

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1.2 Million students

We reach 80% of all students in the country’s largest university campuses (based on highest enrollment)

Complete flexibility

With the largest campus digital network ads can be full-motion or static, day-parted and geo-targeted

High visibility

Our products are in highly visible and high traffic locations such as entrances, student lounges, cafeterias and more


No need to worry about fraud or ad-blocking software, all our media facings are brand safe

Latest Campus Events


Big screen, big impact

Our national cinema network includes notable chains like: Landmark Cinemas, Imagine Cinemas and Cinémas Guzzo. Reaching markets no other network can, our state-of-the-art digital movie theatres are equipped with premium large format brands: IMAX®, Extra, Xtreme, and RealD 3D technology, as well as highly coveted premium recliner seating. Our theatres offer all the anticipated blockbuster hits as well as independent content and Francophone films in Québec. Cinema advertising has the lowest ad avoidance across all media platforms with over 87% of moviegoers in their seats during Showtime.*

Source: Canadian Out of Home Marketing and Measurement Bureau
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All the perks

Our cinemas offer state-of-the-art experiences as well as superior recliner seating in select theaters

31% Market share

We represent 31% of the cinema screen landscape with over 750 screens across 120 theaters nationwide

22M Moviegoers

Our national cinema network reaches 22 million moviegoers annually from coast to coast

Trusted metrics

UB is the first and only COMMB member for cinema onscreen, ensuring trusted third-party metrics

Unique multiple touchpoints

Moviegoers often tend to visit a restaurant before or after going to the movies. We are the only Restobar network uniquely positioned with Cinemas to reach target demographics across multiple touchpoints in popular and highly frequented Restobar venues.

Source: Motion Picture Association of America Theatrical Statistics, 2016
Restobar network


We do Restobar best

Our premium Restobar network is unmatched in quality products and trendy venues. Diverse and notable, our venues are sure to captivate your ideal customers as they are out and about leading active lives. From established city landmarks, to the trendiest night clubs, casual eateries, fine dining establishments, student hangouts and family favourites — if it’s a talked about venue we have it in our network. While we can target any age demographic and lifestyle choices, brands unlock stronger engagement with the coveted 18-34 demographic with our digital boards using dayparting, data-driven trigger messaging and geo-targeted creative messaging.

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Programmatic DOOH

Our Restobar Network now has over 1,000 digital faces available on Hivestack, Broadsign Reach and Vistar Media. Reach out to our sales team to learn how you can activate your media campaigns using the automated technology our programmatic platform partners offer. Target your ideal audience throughout their purchase journey with the right message at the right time and the right place.

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Guaranteed legal age audiences

When it comes to regulated industries and content UB Media’s national AOL market (Adult Only Locations) has recently had major expansion with 220% growth year over year. Our age-gated locations guarantee adult only viewership of regulated content while being safely compliant with industry guidelines and standards as well as all federal and provincial legislations.


Hottest spots

Our national network is comprised of the most sought-after and highly Instagrammable venues

Unrivaled digital

We can target any demographic by geo-targeting neighborhoods, age groups, lifestyle, gender and more


We have premium nightlife venues guaranteeing legal aged (adult only) audiences for regulated content

Trusted metrics

Our digital boards are COMMB audited ensuring trusted third-party impressions as well as brand safety (free of conflicting content)


Three national OOH networks


The most powerful Restobar network with the trendiest venues and unmatched digital screens and technology

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Our Cinema network is composed of 250 markets, 80 of which are exclusive to UB Media, and over 750 screens

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Engage with the hard-to-reach coveted 18-24 demographic in our nation’s top post-secondary academic institutions

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What we do


We naturally capture consumers’ attention when they are least distracted as they’re out and about leading active lives


We can target any demographic by geo-targeting neighborhoods, age groups, lifestyle, gender and more

Real engagement

Our place-based media can further unlock stronger engagement with dayparting and data-driven trigger messaging and much more

Trendiest locations

We’ve got the most frequented, coveted, and highly Instagrammable venues visited again and again from coast-to-coast

Creative Collective

Interface Design

Implementation and rollout of new network infrastructure, including consolidation of established network designed and created infrastructure.

Product Design

We use a combination of new and advanced techniques including qualitative and quantitative researches with advanced statistics.

Quality Results

With years of experience, we know how to create complex and intuitive interface systems that are enjoyable and simple to use.

Power Support

We provide technical assistance and consultancy, that will help you to improve, keep the quality and speed of all new launched project.

Awarded creative team with decades of experience


Let's create great and beautiful together

We believe in businesses that help clients grow by digital experiences.

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We reach millions of consumers daily through our three diverse networks and products


We pride ourselves in the quality and diversity of our selection of highly coveted venues.


Totally inescapable media that no other media format can provide on a large-scale.


We’ve got you covered from coast-to-coast in the nation’s top Universities.


We're passionate about media and our ever-changing field

Since 2008, UB Media has quickly grown to become one of Canada’s most powerful indoor advertising networks. Our goal is to connect clients with their ideal consumers through captivating, innovative, and highly targeted place based media adapted to today’s lifestyle habits. We pride ourselves in being an independent media company comprised of passionate and creative professionals enthusiastic about our ever-changing field.

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