This back to school season UB Media team was proud and super excited to executed the Budget Ba$h event for Interac, together with Media Experts and Zulu Alpha Kilo creative agency. This event was made to promote the Mobile Interac® Debit app empowering students to beat their financial fears. Literally. Any student that set up their mobile wallet with Interac® Debit as their default card had a chance to bash a piñata and claim a prize! There were 9 chances to win $100 cash prize and 6 chances to win the $1,000 cash prize! To help beat their financial fears piñatas were labeled “TUITION” or “RENT.” Students lined up in droves to smash those piñatas.

The Budget Ba$h tents were set up at University of Toronto campus, Toronto and Concordia University’s downtown campus in Montreal during orientation week. We were lucky to have plenty of sunshine on both days with amazing turnouts as we rocked out to an awesomely curated playlist – all songs “money” themed of course to get us in the groove. Even if every student didn’t walk away with a grand prize win, each piñata was still filled with small prizes of sweet Interac swag… and well who doesn’t just want to hit a piñata?

It was definitely a blast, for both us and the students!

Images courtesy of Alpha Zulu Kilo.