Resto-Bar Network

Our premium Resto-Bar network includes the hottest and most frequented venues. Diverse and notable, our venues are sure to captivate your ideal customer. From established city landmarks, to the trendiest night clubs, casual eateries, fine dining establishments, student hangouts and family favorites — if it’s a talked about venue we have it in our network.

Catch your ideal consumers as they are out and about leading active lives. Our restaurants target different age groups and lifestyle choices. Did you know Millennials have recently become the largest generational cohort in the Canadian workforce? Not only do they spend more money eating and drinking out (dubbed the “foodie” generation) than Non-Millennials they are also the most tech-savvy. You can’t block place based media (or indoor media) ads, and you can’t skip past them on a PVR — and according to OMAC’s latest Canadian Shopper Habits survey (2017), that has real payoff. Most shoppers aged 18 to 64 (78% of the population) reported paying attention to Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising “sometimes” or “all the time.” That number has remained pretty stable and hasn’t dropped for Millennials or heavy social media users.

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