UB Media Acquires KB Media

Press Release August 7, 2012 TORONTO — UB Media, Inc. has announced the acquisition of KB Media, Inc., effective immedi- ately. This deal asserts UB Media’s position as a dominant player in the indoor advertising industry by increasing UB’s presence in the Resto-Bar media market by an additional 450 20″ digital screens and over 500 3′ x 2′ backlit panels.

KB Media was in operation since 2009, establishing a network of advertising faces incorporated into mirrors placed in the restroom of high-end eateries and bars across Toronto such as Wayne Gretzky’s, Wheat Sheaf, Cheval, Spoke Club, Miller Tavern and many more. In 2010, they announced a multi-million dollar investment to upgrade their inventory, the entirety of which UB has now acquired.

“We were always impressed with the quality of KB’s venues and had long felt that KB’s network was solid, but that the products required slight modification to achieve market traction,” says UB Media President Michael Minicucci. “We’ve changed their static product from a mirror with a motion-sensor activated billboard to a standard 36″ x 24″ backlit that is constantly lit. On the digital side, by reversing the action of the motion sensor and adding audio capabilities, we believe we have remedied the product’s weaknesses and are prepared to re-launch this product as a vital component of Canada’s Resto-Bar media market.”

Backlits are located in restrooms and main areas of the bar, brightly illuminated to attract attention from all corners of the room. Digital Screens are located exclusively in the restrooms in order to provide an uninterrupted, captive exposure to the consumer. UB’s Classic Boards, 13″ x 17″ static posters, will be installed in all new locations. In addition to the Toronto market, UB intends to expand this network of digital and static advertising faces into the Montreal and Vancouver markets.

“We’re proud to announce our aggressive digital expansion, which enables us to offer advertis- ers a full set of the media products best-suited to a Resto-Bar environment. UB now enables advertisers to reach patrons from several engaging touchpoints — through our traditional Clas- sic Boards as well as our new inventory of Backlits and Digital Screens,” says UB’s Director of Business Development, Ron Deschenes.

The acquisition adds over 1,000 facings to UB’s Resto-Bar network, which now has over 7,000 media facings across the country in Canada’s major markets.