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UB Media and FOKUS Announce Campus Merger

Press Release February 5, 2014 MONTREAL — UB Media, Inc. has announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Montreal- based Fokus Media, operators of Canada’s largest digital signage network in university and college campuses. This transaction now combines UB and Fokus’ campus advertising networks under one roof, with UB now representing over 1,500 media facings in over 54 campuses across the country, in addition to its extensive Resto-Bar and Cinema networks.

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UB Media Acquires KB Media

Press Release August 7, 2012 TORONTO — UB Media, Inc. has announced the acquisition of KB Media, Inc., effective immedi- ately. This deal asserts UB Media’s position as a dominant player in the indoor advertising industry by increasing UB’s presence in the Resto-Bar media market by an additional 450 20″ digital screens and over 500 3′ x 2′ backlit panels.

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