UB Media, Inc. has announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Montreal- based Fokus Media, operators of Canada’s largest digital signage network in university and college campuses. This transaction now combines UB and Fokus’ campus advertising networks under one roof, with UB now representing over 1,500 media facings in over 54 campuses across the country, in addition to its extensive Resto-Bar and Cinema networks.

CEO of Fokus Media, Gaetano Cardone says, “In response to our clients’ needs, we have joined forces to offer a multi-faceted media platform, ensuring we can manage our clients’ holistic requirements, all under one banner. UB Media has taken the indoor OOH mediascape by storm over the past 5 years, we’re pleased to join forces with the fastest growing indoor media supplier in Canada.”

“This strategic partnership with Fokus Media gives us access to the largest digital out-of-home network in Canadian campuses, with over 300 screens. In addition to our Digital Resto-Bar network, with over 1,800 screens, UB now offers the largest digital signage network in both Canadian Resto-Bars and Campuses,” says UB Media CEO & President Michael Minicucci.

”Fokus’ Digital Campus network gives us an unparalleled digital presence in these two environments which are key to reaching mobile, active young consumers. We believe strongly in the strength of digital out-of-home as a medium, and continue to invest in our presence in this space.”

The transaction is effective immediately, with the Campus Digital Screens available exclusively through UB Media.

About UB Media

UB Media, headquartered in Montréal, Quebec, is an indoor advertising operator offering captive media solutions through indoor static and digital signage in restaurants, university campuses, gyms and cinemas throughout Canada.

About Fokus

Fokus Media is dedicated to delivering the 17-26 target audience to their advertisers with the most technologically advanced communication platforms available in Canadian colleges and universities. Fokus Media offers media distribution points throughout leading college and university campuses through its vast digital signage network, web-based platforms and email promotions.