UB Media opened its doors in 2008, and since then has rapidly emerged as a major force in the Canadian mediascape. We offer one of Canada’s most powerful indoor advertising networks in Restaurants/bars, campuses and cinemas. Within our three networks we offer an array of products, both static and digital in large and small formats, as well as custom media and event marketing.

We pride ourselves in being an independent media company composed of young, creative and passionate professionals excited about media and our ever-changing field. We love learning about new technologies and platforms to communicate with today’s active consumers whose lifestyle habits have changed. Our goal is to connect our clients with their ideal consumers through captivating and innovative campaigns adapted to today’s generational lifestyle habits.


UB Media is committed to connecting its clients with their ideal target consumers through innovative campaigns and quality products with the best customer experience possible. Our staff is motivated and passionate about what we do, we believe in teamwork, honesty, and dedication in and out of the office. We strive to build long lasting relationships with our clients and partners.


  • 2008 – UB Media is incorporated in Montreal and launches its Resto-Bar network.
  • 2010 – UB Media launches its Campus network.
  • 2010 – UB Media obtains exclusive representation of largest independent cinemas and launches its Cinema network.
  • 2012 – UB Media establishes its office in Toronto.
  • 2012 – UB Media acquires KB Media and adds over 1,000 digital and backlit facings to the Resto-Bar network across the country.
  • 2013 – UB Media ranks #27 in PROFIT Magazine’s “HOT 50”, Canada’s definitive list of fastest-growing companies, with a 2-year growth of 681%.
  • 2014 – UB Media acquires Fokus Media, operators of Canada’s largest digital signage network in university and college campuses.
  • 2015 – UB Media announces release of their new digital Resto-Bar product.